API Documentation

The ClearAg® APIs, brought to you by DTN, provide a deep, dynamic source of weather, crop, and soil data to assist agricultural professionals in achieving their goals. Select any of the icons below to access documentation specific to these APIs.

Crop Growth & Health

Crop Growth & Health


The Crop Growth & Health API, brought to you by DTN, includes crop-specific growth models, including Crop Growth Model Feedback, Harvest Advisor, and Nutrient Advisor.

  • Crop Growth
  • Harvest Advisor
  • Nutrient Advisor
Irrigation Decision Support



The Irrigation Decision Support API, brought to you by DTN, enables localized, predictive irrigation analytics to help customers establish more efficient irrigation management and improve crop system performance without the requirement for additional hardware.

  • Irrigation Advisor & Variable Rate Irrigation Advisor

Soil Conditions


ClearAg Soil Conditions API provides users with soil moisture and temperature at varying depths.

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  • Soil Plus & Soil Premium

Spray Conditions


The DTN Spray Conditions API meets the growing demand for minimizing drift, over-spraying, and crop damage, while improving the results of crop protection product applications.

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Field Accessibility


Field Accessibility API

The DTN Field Accessibility API offers estimates of current and forecasted field conditions based on Land Surface Information Systems combined with machine-learning algorithms.

  • Field Access Advisor
Weather Data

Weather Data

Weather Data API

Our comprehensive weather data solutions combine the vast knowledge and experience of the in-house meteorological team at DTN.

  • Current and Forecast Weather
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  • Weather Map Tile Overlay
  • Historical and Climatological Weather
  • Sensor Integration


Accounts API

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  • Accounts API


ClearAg Indices

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  • Environmental Indices
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